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We make a living not by what we get, but a life by what we give.

Recordings from the 2021 Low Vision Tech & Wellness Fairs

Low Vision & What to Do About It, Dr. Gregory Pinto

Dr. Gregory Pinto of Paul, Pinto and Blackstone, MDs in Saratoga Springs, NY, explains low vision in layman's terms with descriptions of therapies and resources available today.

Alpha Sensory Product Line

Alpha Sensory has an extensive product line of low vision equipment for home or on the go. Contact Pete Andolina for more information at 716-998-2594 or

C TECH Product Line

Chuck Cohen represents a wide range of products for those with low vision. He can be reached by calling 845-735-7907. Watch the video for a brief introduction to the CTECH product line.

Intro to NABA Rehabilitation Services 2021

NABA's Director of Rehabilitation Services introduces each of the services we offer and goes over what you need to know about a low vision exam.

Lighting: Which Kind is Best?

Everything you need to know about lighting as it relates to low vision and especially the new kinds of bulbs with NABA's Senior Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

Orientation and Mobility: Safe & Independent Travel with Vision Loss

Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Madison Near, from the NYS Commission of the Blind discusses safe and independent travel with vision loss.

Destress on the Go

NABA's own social worker Nathan Modafferi discusses the effects of stress and offers numerous things we can all do in the moment to Destress of the Go!

Doctors' Presenting on Eye Diseases

Today's Cataract Surgery with Dr. Christopher Zieker

Dr. Zieker addresses what cataracts are, who is most likely to contract it and what surgeries are available today. Pertinent information for cataract patients and their family members is explained in everyday language and at the end the audience is invited to get their most pressing questions answered.

Doctors' Presenting on Eye Diseases