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About NABA

The Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany (NABA) is one of the oldest not-for-profit organizations in the Capital Region. NABA provides programs and services for rehabilitation, employment, social work, low vision, orientation and mobility, assistive technology training, youth programs, and a low vision store for blind and visually impaired individuals.


Our Mission

To assist individuals who are blind or visually impaired achieve independence and growth. NABA is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c) 3 organization that provides its services to individuals without regard to socioeconomic status, race, religion, gender or age.


Our History 

On December 7, 1908, ten blind men and women congregated at the home of former electrical engineer, Frank Frost. This group founded the Albany Association of the Blind in an effort to overcome the difficulties of adjusting to their vision loss.

In 1914, the Association purchased the building at 105 Lancaster Street. From there, the Association began to offer social and workshop activities. These activities provided employment to blind and visually impaired individuals. The manufacturing activities also helped to support the Association.

In 1958, the Association purchased its current building at 301 Washington Avenue and in 1967, with the help of Dr. Harry Judge, opened its Low Vision Clinic. Subsequently, in 1959, blind workers manufactured 88,663 articles including household goods, bed and bath items, and personal items such as sheepskin moccasins, belts, wallets and change purses.

In February 1970, the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind was created and was in operation by late October to provide pre-vocational and vocational training to the blind from throughout the New England States, New Jersey and New York.

In 1978, the Albany Association of the Blind became The Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany, Inc. The new name better reflects the regional scope of services offered. 

Since the 1970’s, NABA continues to expand their footprint, and create new programming and business ventures to fulfill its mission and serve the needs of blind and visually impaired individuals in our communities. 

In July of 2003, the Northeastern Association of the Blind Foundation, Inc. was incorporated to further and support the mission of Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany to solicit, receive, administer, and invest funds.

Today, NABA’s programs, services, screenings and events, serve more than 3,000 individuals across the Capital Region, and the manufacturing center produces and distributes textiles and goods for municipalities and three branches of the United States military. These products keep the public safe and protected. Youth and teens participate in recreation, socialization, and education/vocation readiness activities. Adults and seniors receive essential skills, training, and technology that enable them to live, work, and travel safely and independently.