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KidSight Vision Screenings

What is the KidSight Vision Screening Program?

KidSight is a free preschool vision screening service that can detect signs of early vision problems.

Who should be screened and why?

KidSight provides vision screening to children ages 18 months to Kindergarten. Medical research shows that the first three years of life are the most important in developing good vision. Early screening can result in a lifetime of normal vision.

A complete ophthalmologic exam is the most reliable way to test your child’s vision. KidSight does not replace a complete eye exam – it is intended to detect early signs of possible vision problems so any necessary treatment and correction may begin earlier.

How is the screening done?

KidSight uses a specialized device to screen children who are not yet able to read and recognize numbers and letters, such as those on an eye chart.

Benefits of KidSight:

  •    No cost for screenings
  •    No eye drops are used
  •    Quick, easy, confidential and non-invasive screening
  •    Early detection for various vision problems
  •    Earlier referral to an Ophthalmologist, if necessary


The results will be given the same day of the screening. If a possible vision problem is detected, a vision summary will be sent to parents.

NABA conducts free vision screenings at daycare facilities, nursery schools, religious organizations, and social events. A minimum of 20 children is required. Personal appointments are available.

For more information, please contact Tzigane Lajeunesse LPN, KidSight Coordinator, (518) 463-1211 ext. 223 or